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Healed From The Inside Out

A Hope-Filled Testimony of Complete, Miraculous, Progressive Healing From Multiple Sclerosis

Do you believe God can heal someone from Multiple Sclerosis?

Well, He can and He did! Susie Baker shares her incredible testimony of how God gave her a complete, miraculous, progressive healing from Multiple Sclerosis. Where she once walked with much effort with the assistance of a walker and wilted in the heat, she now functions normally, with medical evidence to support her healing! Although she did not receive an instant healing, God lovingly and progressively strengthened her both physically and spiritually until she was fully restored to health. Today, Susie leads Global Celebration's army of intercessors and teaches students how to pray. Healed From the Inside Out will inspire and encourage you as Susie shares her tenacious faith in the finished work of the Cross.

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"From the fire of unanswered prayer, the pruning of the Lord and the breakthrough to healing, Susie Baker invites us into her hope filled spiritual journey to healing from Multiple Sclerosis. Along the way and with an open heart, she unfurls Biblical and faith-filled lessons for all those crying out for healing of heart, body or soul. I have known Susie for years and admire her heart of an intercessor, her passion for the Lord and her desire to see others healed and whole. I encourage you to step into this hope-filled testimony." 

Chris Mitchell

CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief 


Susie Baker

Susie Baker is the lead intercessor for Georgian & Winnie Banov and has been the Coordinator of their Global Celebration Intercessory Prayer Team for over twenty years. She has traveled with them nationally and internationally. As an ordained minister she shares about her healing, teaches about intercession and holds very powerful corporate prayer meetings at their conferences and their Global Celebration School of Supernatural Ministry (GCSSM). She has taught at online events and holds internet prayer calls for Global Celebration Ministry and for GCSSM.

Susie’s passion is to awaken believers to the power of Spirit-filled corporate intercession and to the valuable prophetic gifts that are released in and through each one during these amazing times of prayer.

Susie has been blessed to be married to her high school sweetheart, Michael. Together they have raised two wonderful children who have added to their happiness with precious grandchildren.

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Susie's Thoughts

When I read Psalm 27:14 in The Passion Translation I thought this is the theme of my story ~

"Here's what I've learned through it all: Don't give up; don't be impatient; be entwined as one with the Lord. Be brave and courageous, and never lose hope.  Yes, keep on waiting - for he will never disappoint you!"


Psalm 103:3b in The Passion Translation confirms the title of my book.  It says, "You've healed me inside and out from every disease."  I Love It!

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Healed From The Inside Out with Patricia King
Miraculously Healed of MS - Susie Baker’s Testimony  |  Breath of Heaven with Janine Horak
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Healed From The Inside Out

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